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Argonaut Kevlar

Price: 2,250.00€
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Brand:  FourthElement
Product Code:  FE_Arg_Kev
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* Argonaut Sizing:

* Argonaut Extra Sizing options:

Size modifications arms / legs:

* P-Valve:

* Wirst seals:

* Neck seal:

* Boots:

* Boot size:

Extra comment:

Argonaut Kevlar Mens and Womens Drysuit

Lightweight and Breathable

Kevlar reinforced breathable fabric ensures a level of comfort unknown with traditional membrane drysuits.  The breathable fabric allows water vapour to pass out of the suit before the dive meaning less condenses on the inside of the drysuit.  The suit is also extremely lightweight, making it ideally suited for travelling.


For greater comfort above the water the fabric allows water vapour to pass.

Optional Extras

SiTech Antares ring system with silicon seals and dryglove system

SiTech neck seal system with silicone neck seals

SiTech or Light Monkey p-valve

Neoprene neck and wrist seals

+ many configuration options (at no extra charge)


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