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Doubles cylinders 232 Bar & 300 Bar

Price: Starting at 575.00€
Ex Tax: Starting at 475.21€
Brand:  BtS
Product Code:  S_Doubles_Tek232
Availability:  In Stock

Available Options

* Cylinder Size:

* Valve type:

Halcyon valves:

2x7 liter - 17.6 kg(*) 2x7 liter-Wide - 17.6 kg(*) 2x10 liter - 24.8kg(*) 2x12liter - 29kg(*)
2x15 liter - 36.2kg(*) 2x16 liter - 39kg(*) 2x18 liter - 41kg(*) 2x20liter - 44kg(*)

(*) Weight without valve and tank bands




2x7 liter - 19kg(*) 2x7 liter-Wide - 19kg(*) 2x10 liter - 30.8kg(*) 2x12liter - 35.6kg(*)

(*) Weight without valves and tank bands

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