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Halcyon Flare and Focus

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Brand:  Halcyon
Product Code:  Focus_17210215
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we are happy to introduce new primary light line from Halcyon – the FLARE™ and the FOCUS™ - the next evolution in primary dive lights. These lights represent a new age in the era of LED primary lights brought to you by Halcyon.
LED is difficult to focus. Instead of pushing a lot of power in the LED diode, which is inefficient and generates a lot of heat, Halcyon invested time and resources in developing a LUX engine.
Powered by this unique LUX engine, the new Halcyon lights use two reflectors and 
a Fresnel lens to provide full focus adjust ability with amazing output and greatly reduced power consumption. These lights produce about twice the output of a 21 watt HID while drawing less than half the power. At half power, consumption drops to only 15% of its predecessor.
Halcyon applied this LUX engine for two new products:

The Halcyon FLARE™ uses a fixed beam in a compact housing for those customers seeking high quality performance on a budget.

The Halcyon FOCUSoffers an adjustable beam to switch between intense focus or a wide beam for underwater video purposes.
Both FLARE™ and FOCUS™ have three sealed compartments, isolating the LED core, the driver, and the cable gland. 
High performance capacity is further augmented by a fully-adjustable handle, which can be set for left or right hand operation. 
These unique features are powered by a small but powerful battery capable of providing more than five hours longevity on full power. A typical burntime on a 5,2 Ah pack is 5-6 hours on full power and a whopping 15 hours on half power.

 LUX at 1 meter is 39 000 and at 5 m distance is 1550 (FOCUS™ at full power)
- 6 hours run-time with a 5.2 amp-hour battery pack
- adjustable-focus beam (Halcyon Focus only)
- fully adjustable handle
- 39,000 lux at 1 meter (Focus at max. power)
- weight is only 1.4 kg
- choice of traditional continuous cord or underwater quick disconnect (E/O) cord.
Lux ratings on max power
Distance from light 1 meter 3 meters 5 meters
Focus 39,000 4,100 1,550
Flare 11,500 1,700 650
Battery packs are compatible with EOS mini series ! 
More info in the manual (see download section)
E/O Cord
E/O was the name used for these fittings when they
were first manufactured by Electro-Oceanic, Inc. in the
USA. Over the years, through mergers and buy-outs,
Electro-Oceanic has disappeared from the business
landscape as a company.
The term E/O is still associated with this underwater
connecting solution. Halcyon® and BtS® now support  ort
the fourth generation of the E/O design.








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