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V-weight pouch 4.4 kg

Price: 43.00€
Ex Tax: 35.54€
Brand:  Halcyon
Product Code:  Vwpouch
Availability:  In Stock


From Halcyon, an innovative solution to a V-weight is the new V-weight pouch.  This pouch features two pockets with hook & loop closures that will fit your individual weight requirement using soft weight (lead shot) pouches.  The upper pocket will fit 6 - 8lbs of lead and the lower 4 - 6lbs of lead depending on the size of the weight pouch. 

To install, simply disassemble your wing and back-plate from the doubles (twin set) and install the weight pouches on the weight bolts with the smaller pouch to the bottom.  You will need to work the shop in-between the tanks.  The install your wing, then your backplate.

Perfect for wide-manifold style D7 or D8.5


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