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Trim Weight Pockets (Pair)

Price: 59.00€
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Brand:  Halcyon
Product Code:  21310201
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Halcyon Trim Weights


Halcyon tank-mounted trim weight pockets are yet another novel Halcyon invention. This patented product supports optimal weight distribution, encouraging diving comfort and in-water stability. While at the surface, Halcyon trim weights promote a heads-up position, counteracting the positive tendency of buoyant cylinders. These same weights support a horizontal position while under water, reducing effort and encouraging diving fun.

Key Features of Trim Weights

  • Up to 5 lb/2.27 kg of weight per pocket
  • Built from ballistic nylon with a Velcro closure; a sturdy buckle ensures the weights remain in place
  • Designed to fit securely onto the tank straps
  • Excellent for travel, allowing you to fit additional weight upon reaching your destination
  • Halcyon trim weight pockets are protected by US Patents 5855454 and 6530725b1.

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