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Scubapro Jetfins

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Brand:  BtS
Product Code:  12310003
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For the best underwater control and propulsion.
Ideal for “frog kicks” and other techniques used to maintain 
good trim and buoyancy.Durable and tested in all environments.

The weight of jetfins makes the use of traditional ankle weights obsolete.

The size XL Jetfin is considered the “standard” for shoe sizes 40–43 (US 8-10)(UK 7-9). However due to different boot styles and foot shapes it is important to test for correct sizing.

Nowadays, fins come with springstraps by default.

(pictures have old finstraps)

12310003_Scubapro_Jetfins.jpg 12310003_Scubapro_Jetfins_detail.jpg   JETFINS


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