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Different sizes are available.  For boltsnaps, the versions we have are different mainly in the size of the attached metal ring and that is what we specify.  Hereby our recommendation on what size is good for what application.  There is a lot of personal preference in this selection so you might want just to try it out and optimize yourself the way you like.

We have very small bolt-snaps (10, 13 mm rings) and they are perfect for  backup lights, light-head, cookies-bungie.  Some folks also like the very small ones on there long-hose and manometer. For the mano-meter, we would suggest the middle sized one (19 mm), also fine for long-hose (fine for everything except stage bottles actually).   For deco bottles and stages, the 25 mm one is definitely highly recommended.  This one allows putting your finger through which eases bottle management, clipping and rotation. Some like this one as well for manometer for the same reason.  Personally, we prefer a smaller one on manometer to avoid clipping the stages on the manometer-boltsnap instead of on your hip D-ring. The biggest one we have (32 mm) is huge (not on picture).  They can also be used on stages and deco bottles if  you prefer.














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