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BtS Heating Vest System

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Brand:  BtS
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Never cold again ! The unique BtS® Heating System is perfect for long exposure in cold water conditions.  The Polymer based heating panels are resistant to water and provide simple and safe heating.

Due to the physical characteristics of the heating panels, the power efficient system cannot exceed 42° Celsius temperature. All components, including connectors, are waterproof and while intended for drysuit usage, it can work with wetsuits or a flooded drysuits.  The modular design allows perfect integration with the rest of your setup.

Halcyon explorer battery canister family - ©BtS

Connection to external battery canister is by use of E/O cord and wet connectors that you can plug or unplug during the dive.

E/O cords blind plug - ©BtS


Inlet valve adapter system - ©BtS

There are two types of suit transition systems.  One system makes use of the existing drysuit inlet valve. This is compatible with DUI/Apeks valves only.

wire transistion adapter system - ©BtS

Another way to bring out the E/O cord is through a specially designed wire transition item.  This item requires an additional hole to be made through the drysuit but enables you to customize for the position you like.  Of course, the additional hole will be perfectly sealed with this device, also when the heating system is not in use.

BtS® as well provides a battery protection unit to prevent risks of non reversible battery damage by draining the batteries too low. To prevent the internally stored protection unit to become disconnected, Fischer® connectors are used.

fischer male connecto - ©BtSdischarge protection unit - ©BtS


©BtSheating system - ©BtS


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