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Ursuit FIR Deep Heat System

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Brand:  Ursuit
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Thanks to Ursuit FIR Deep Heat System Thermal Vest you can enjoy your hobby and work all year round, despite the outside temperature. This thermal vest is a perfect choice in circumstances where you may need some extra warming. You can control the temperature via the On/Off switch, there are three levels of adjustments to suit your needs.

The Ursuit FIR Deep Heat System Thermal Vest consists of a comfortable fleece vest (3 sizes), 3 thermal pads (1 large and 2 smaller sizes), battery and charger. The heating power of the vest can be set to three different levels. Depending on the heat level, the battery lasts between 3-5 hours. The battery shows heat level.

The warming effect of the vest is based on FIR (Far Infrared Ray) radiation, which is an electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is a part of our natural surroundings (radio waves, microwaves, x-ray, ultraviolet light etc.) but humans are only able to see the light and the thermal radiation.

What is FIR?

  • The energy of FIR- radiation causes movements between the molecules of the receiving material. This movement creates heat for example in the human body.
  • In human body FIR- radiation reaches into the depth of appr. 3 – 5 cm.
  • FIR -radiation is therefore usually called “deepwarmth”
  • Warming on e.g. human body lasts longer because “deepwarmth” heats e.g. blood circulation and muscles.

What are the benefits of the light weight vest?

  • Working efficiency increases.
  • Working safety increases.
  • Mobility is better, when you don’t need to wear multiple garment layers.
  • Comfort increases. Even though you don’t move, you feel warm.
  • Thermal radiation warms blood circulation which means that the whole body is warm, not just the part touching on the resistor. This means that also the fingers and toes get warm.
  • The vest is perfect for several types of usage:
  • security staff
  • divers (battery is internal but controller gives vibrating feedback when changing settings)
  • construction workers
  • mailmen
  • harbour personnel
  • hunting
  • professional and leisure fishing
  • ice-hockey coaches

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