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BlueHeat System - Divers Heated DiveWear

Price: 2,999.00€
Ex Tax: 2,478.51€
Brand:  DUI
Product Code:  BlueHeat
Availability:  In Stock

Includes Liner, SBS - Smart Battery System & Controller, Port & Charger

LINER - Men’s Sizes XS S M L XL XXL

  • Lightweight, super-stretch jumpsuit made with soft next-to-skin fleece and lycra outer for easy donning of insulation / with anti-microbial lining
  • Full torso heating with selectable output of 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Heating pads made with high strand Microwire® encased with a thermal protective jacket
  • Four heating pads have independent thermostats and diver protection circuits
  • Liner designed with conduit tunnels for optional accessory wiring harness
  • 6.9V complies to diver safety standards
  • Get 2 hours of 100% power

 SBS - SMART BATTERY SYSTEM&CONTROLLER BATTERY - 12.8 V / 12.5 Amp Hours / 160 Watts

  • Programmed to provide constant & consistent heat throughout the dive
  • Meets safety standards - 12.8V power is bucked down to 6.9V
  • Meets performance standards - 12.8V power is boosted to 14V for light systems
  • Heavy-duty wires and waterproof connectors
  • Battery canister is made of polycarbonate with locking latches and offers multiple mounting options
  • Lid is anodized, powder-coated aluminum
  • Encased battery - can be easily exchanged between dives
  • Batteries can be cascaded for extended range expeditions

 CONTROLLER - Allows multiple power settings of 50%, 75%, 100%

  • Provides separate temperature control for liner and gloves/socks
  • LED displays for power settings and battery power level
  • Comes with wrist mount and also has a clip option
  • Operates available accessory light systems

PORT - High amp wet connector

  • Can be inserted under inlet valve or through optional separate opening
    14 gauge wire for minimal power loss

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