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HALCYON First & 2nd Stages

Halcyon 1st & 2nd Stage Regulators

Regulators are a key part of our diving equipment.  We would not be able to explore and enjoy the underwater world without the availability of this breathing technology.   Diving regulators enable us to breathe the gas we bring with us in our high pressure cylinders, full of pressurized gas.

It's obvious that we can't take any risks with this piece of equipment.  Reliability and performance are a must, in all conditions, at all time.

Looking at the Halcyon offering, it's clear that also with this product, no shortcuts in safety and reliability have been made.

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Halcyon is offering two types of 1st stages.  The H50D is a balanced, environmentally sealed diaphragm based 1st stage, delivering 1st class performance and rock solid protection in the absolute worst environmental conditions.   They also offer the H75P; this balanced freeze-resistant piston based design delivers a remarkable performance, completely unaffected by changing tank pressure.    Both designs come by default with a 300 bar DIN connection, 2 high pressure ports and multiple high flow, intermediate/low pressure ports.   In addition, the H75P 1st stage has a rotating swivel for the low pressure ports, providing extra flexibility and enabling a very streamlined hose routing.

With the Halo and the Aura, Halcyon offers two very solid and high-performing 2nd stages. The Auro is a simple, balanced, non-adjustable design, ideal as a backup and/or recreational regulator.  Het Halo is a balanced, high performance design with adjustable valve to refine inhalation resistance.    Both regulators have an Air Control Vane (ACV) that makes use of the air flow to reduce work of breathing.

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1st Stage H50D
This balanced, environmentally sealed diaphragm provides premium performance and rock solid prote..
Ex Tax: 164.46€
1st Stage H75P
The unsurpassed performance of this first stage results from a balanced piston design which deliv..
Ex Tax: 189.26€
2nd Stage Aura
Strong performance and a simple, non-adjustable design make the Aura an ideal reserve and/or recr..
Ex Tax: 106.61€
2nd Stage Halo
The Halo provides amazingly smooth performance in all conditions providing unsurpassed performanc..
Ex Tax: 164.46€