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Single Steel Cylinders

We are pleased to be able to offer you a very complete range of steel cylinders for every diving application.

We have cylinders as small as 1 liter (drysuit inflation) all the way up to 20 liter tanks (mostly used in twinset for technical type of diving).

The most popular single tanks in our region are the classical 10, 12 liters short or long and the 15 liter.  In addition to sizing, we have a wide variety of valves and other accessories (boots, protection nets).

Our portfolio includes both 232bar and 300 bar tanks. The higher pressure rating results in increased material thickness, contributing to extra weight. These factors have to be taken into account when considering buoyancy, trim and overall weighting.

For overall specifications, have a look at the table below.  Please also have a look at the product listing in our shop where you can select and configure the cylinder the way you like.


© Diveolution









single tank with double valve © BtS

single tank with single valve © BtS

Volume (liters) Pressure Rating (bar) Diam.(mm) Length(mm) Thread EN144 Weight(kg)
10,0 232 171,0 595 M25/2 12,4
12,0 (short) 232 204,0 550 M25/2 15,4
12,0 (long) 232 171,0 690 M25/2 14,5
12,0 (long) 300 171,0 710 M25/2 17,8
15,0 232 204,0 640 M25/2 18,1


single tank © BtS

The steel cylinders we provide are produced by Eurocylinders System AG (ECS).
ECS is one of the biggest and most efficient manufacturers of high pressure steel cylinders in Europe with an annual output of more than 500,000 cylinders.

Cylinders are forged from 34CrMo4 steel, cylinders necks are M25/2 threaded according to EN144 norm. After internal and external shot-blasting, before powder coating (primary + finish), the cylinders are warm dipped in zinc. CE marking according to PED 97/23/CE. Manufactured with seamless convex basis. (source : BtS® Catalogue 2009)






Twin Sets

Our range of double tank configurations starts with the small double-7 liter. This set is a very nice alternative for a single tank.  It provides extra stability and safety. Combined with a wing system, it dives like a charm (standard and wide versions available).

double 7 © BtS



For the more demanding type of diving, we have doubles ranging from double-10 up to double-20 liters.  By default, all our sets have isolation manifolds and stainless steel bands.  Bands include bolts and wing nuts designed for use with harness backplate and wing.  Different valves are available, as well as v-weights that can be used with twin sets to better balance your weights.

tank bands © Agir

In our region, steel tanks (ECS) are most popular for twin sets.  They are more negative in the water and as such reduce the overall weights needed.  Nevertheless, we do have aluminum (Luxfer) double tanks if you prefer

manifold © Agir

We also offer all parts (valves, manifolds, stainless steel bands, ...) separately in case you like to assemble a set yourself.  If you are looking for something specific that you cannot find in our product pages, please contact us and we might find a solution.


In table below, you can find some characteristics of the tanks, commonly used in twinsets (numbers for naked single tank only, without manifold, valves, bands, ...)

© Diveolution


v-weight family © BtS


Volume (liters) Pressure Rating (bar) Diam.(mm) Length(mm) Thread EN144 Weight(kg)
7,0 232 140,0 605 M25/2 8,8
10,0 232 171,0 595 M25/2 12,4
12,0 (long) 232 171,0 690 M25/2 14,5
15,0 232 204,0 640 M25/2 18,1
18,0 232 204,0 710 M25/2 20,5
(please contact us for specs other cylinders)  




Deco & Stages

The best choices for deco and stage bottles are aluminum cylinders.  These cylinders are up to 40% lighter than most comparable steel cylinders.  As a result, they are close to neutral in the water (from slightly negative to slightly positive when consuming the gas).  The key advantage here is that you do not have to compensate your overall buoyancy with excessive wing capacity or different weighting. This is key for a balanced configuration where it does not matter if you carry stage or deco bottles or not.  Overall, this brings you more comfort and safety during the dive.

rigged deco bottle © BtS

We offer an wide range of aluminum cylinders, starting with smaller sized for drysuit inflation going up to mid-range and the classical larger volumes for decompression or staging.  The large S80 is very popular in more exotic places (warm water wetsuit diving).

Like with our steel cylinder offering, you can order your cylinder with different valves.

We offer stage/deco rigging kits that allow you to dynamically attach your bottles to your dive rig.  If you like, we can do the rigging for you.

We also have marking available to explicitly mark the maximum depth rating for the gas you put in the tank. This is key for safety, avoiding breathing the wrong gas at the wrong depth.


tank marking



rigged deco bottle © Agirstage rigging kit


Volume (liters) Pressure Rating (bar) Diam.(mm) Length(mm) Thread EN144 Weight(kg)
0,85 200 81,0 279 M28/1,5 1,2
1,5 232 111,0 285 M25/2 2,6
3,0 232 111,0 515 M25/2 4,5
5,7 (S40) 207 134,0 628 M25/2 6,9
7,0 200 152,0 610 M25/2 9,0
10,0 200 176,0 655 M25/2 12,4
11,1 (S80) 207 184,0 655 M25/2 14,3

Luxfer LogoThe aluminum cylinders offered are produced by Luxfer either at their UK or US production plants. Luxfer Gas Cylinders is the world’s largest manufacturer of high pressure aluminum cylinders. Luxfer is using a proprietary 6061 alloy, an exclusive balanced aluminum-magnesium-silicon blend. Corrosion-resistant interior and exterior. Lightweight - up to 40% lighter than most comparable (source : BtS® Catalogue 2009)






Argon inflation systems

For advanced type of diving, especially when using helium-enriched mixes, argon based drysuit inflation systems are very much recommended. Helium is a very bad insulator compared to Argon or Air and inflating your drysuit with Helium-enriched gas will increase thermal stress during the dive (= get cold quicker).

Argon 1st stage © Agir

argon bottle straps © Agir

We have all accessories needed for argon bottle rigging.  This  includes bottles (alu or steel), argon regulators and straps to fix the bottle to your backplate or tank.


argon bottle © Agirargon straps © Halcyon



argon set © Halcyon





Gas Filling Equipment

The gas blender will be pleased to see all the bits and pieces we have to offer.  Starting from fill-wips, adapters, pressure gauges up to servicing tools, compressor accessories etc. Have a look at the product pages for a complete listing of our offering.