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Welcome in our Dive Center ! 


Diveolution is unique.  We are the only GUE divecenter in Belgium and have all that is needed for de demanding diver who is looking for high quality education, dive equipment, service and repair, rentals, filling station etc ...    As owners, we both have decades of experience in both recreational and technical diving.   Our dive centre is created out of our shared passion for diving.  Based on real-life experience, we can advise any diver in his/her search to the next step in diving.

Of course, we are the place to be for any question you have regarding GUE or GUE in Belgium.  Peter Brandt is GUE instructor for many years and experienced cave/wreck/rebreather diver.  Peter Janssens is a certified GUE cave diver as well.   We both love to share our knowledge and can bring you any information you like on GUE training, standardized equipment and team diving, projects, exploration, conservation etc ...   At all fronts, GUE is very active in Belgium and any diver from any organisation, recreational or technial is very much welcome.   In Belgium, there is as well a very lively GUE community and club (GUE BE vzw) that we co-founded and we can help you to get in touch with them for sure.

Aside from GUE, we also have a special connection with many dive clubs in the Leuven area.  For many years, we are both very active with NELOS.  Especially Peter Janssens, who is 2* CMAS instructor, president and responsible for the diving activities in the Nelos club Torpedo vzw.    Are you interested in learning to dive and join a Nelos club from Leuven, including weekly swimmingpool sessions and outside diving, for sure we can help you out ! 

We hope that Diveolution can become the place to meet for every diver from every federation.  In the future, we also plan to organize several interesting dive days and seminars.      Are you looking for a classroom or a place for a seminar that you organize yourself, give us a call ! 

We hope to meet you soon in our dive center ! 

Diveolution Staff,

Peter & Peter


Peter Brandt,  CMAS 3*, GUE Instructeur, GUE C2/T2/DPV2/RB

Peter Janssens, CMAS 2*Instructeur, CMAS Full-Trimix, GUE C1