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Hoses are an important part of your equipment and should be inspected regularly. A significant failure can result in major loss of gas that can compromise the safety of the dive. We would recommend verifying your hoses, especially hose-connections, for any leakage at the start of every dive. Aside from regular inspection, a solid hose routing and selection of high quality hoses from the start will significantly reduce wear and reduce risk of any leakage over time. In addition of the traditional type of hoses, we also offer "ultra flex" hoses that allow extra-ordinary flexible capabilities. Available on the market only for a couple of years. If suffering some permanent stress or sharp bending in your configuration or setup, these might be useful. Regulator LP hoses are available in black and yellow, LP inflator hoses in black and blue. The hoses we provide are available in many sizes to help you create a streamlined configuration.

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O-Ring Kit 1000
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