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The importance of correct weighting is often underestimated. Not only the total amount of additional weights (if any) is important, also the distribution plays an important role.  In addition of preventing an aching back, good distribution helps you with good horizontal trim in the water.

Traditionally, additional weighting is solved by a weightbelt.  While this can be a good solution, it's good to consider other areas where you can safely store your weights.  With a backplate-wing-based buoyancy control system, there are plenty of other options that potentially will bring you much more comfort and safety during the dive.

When using a backplate, you should be aware that there are different weighted backplates available, ranging from the very lightweight Aluminum backplate, all the way up to a 5+ kg steel plate.  A default backplate is around 2 kg.

When using a single tank wing system, there are weight pockets and trim weights that can be secured to your harness or tank straps.  In addition, you could use a weighted single tank adapter where you can store additional weight between the backplate and the tank.

With a double tank wing system, you can use several types of v-weights and tail weights.   All these options bring the weights closer to your centered balance point, potentially providing better horizontal trim and comfort during the dive.

If you prefer to have part of your weights detachable in case of emergency, you could still have a weightbelt with a limited amount of weights or use the weight pockets on your harness.

The wing-system related products we describe here can also be found in the wing section of our shop.

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