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We prefer Jetfin-style fins.  When applying the correct techniques, these fins offer you very powerful propulsion while providing fine control for small movements or hovering.  These fins are especially well suited for frog kick, flutter kicks and backward kicks. The weight of jetfins (+/- 2kg) makes the use of ankle weights when using drysuit obsolete.We have the indestructible Scubapro Jetfins and Turtle Jetfins

Spring straps are the way to go with any style of fins.  They make fin handling easy, provide a flexible fit for different boot styles and sizes and avoid the risk of lost fins and broken straps.  We have springs available in different sizes. They are also available for non-jetfin style fins

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Halcyon Spring straps
By eliminating the failures common to conventional fin straps, Halcyon® spring straps free th..
Ex Tax: 48.76€
OMS Slipstream Jetfins
The lighter version of the all famous rubber jetfins. Perfect for travel or in combination wi..
Ex Tax: 103.31€
Scubapro Jetfins
For the best underwater control and propulsion. Ideal for “frog kicks” and other techniques use..
Ex Tax: 103.31€