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SMB's & Lift Bags


Surface markers and lift devices are a very important part of any diver's safety equipment in open water environment.   It allows you to provide information on your position to the surface during ascents or it will assist in case of buddy separation or emergency.  Lift devices offer redundant lift capability for safety or can be used for moving gear to surface


A lot of divers prefer to use a reel to send up a surface marker.  However, we strongly favor using a simple spool for this.  A spool cannot jam, is much smaller to store and has sufficient line for most of the use cases.  For very deep diving, if circumstances demand and there is no better way besides sending a buoy from depth, then a reel can be used.

There are a lot of different types of SMB's on the market today.  Different colors, different sizes and different ways to deploy.  In general, we prefer closed or semi-closed SMB's that let not escape the gas when they would tip over on surface.

Semi-closed SMB's have a baffled bottom for filling with a regulator’s second stage. Closed SMB's can be deployed by oral inflation or by using a LP hose connection (e.g. from drysuit).   Closed SMB's that have an over-pressure-valve can be launched from depth.  Inflate markers without pressure-relief valve are more suitable for deployment on surface.  Same is true for lift bag devices.

We offer various models from both Halcyon and Agir. Have a look at our shop to check for pricing and availability.


Halcyon hef ballon

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Halcyon SLIM Big Diver's Alert Marker, 1,8m long, closed circuit (ca 12 kg lift)
Perferct for Northsea diving. Long (1,8m) but still easy to fill (small diameter - 12kg lift)..
Ex Tax: 111.57€
Halcyon Divers Alert Markers
Ex Tax: 75.21€
XScuba Liftbag
23 kg  Orange or Yellow   - "Anti-spill" bottom with baffle to allow easy f..
Ex Tax: 45.45€