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Reels & Spools

Reels have their main usage in line laying applications for wreck penetration or cave diving.  A continuous guideline guarantees a safe exit out of the overhead environment. There are a lot of different reels out on the market.

The reels we offer have, in our opinion, some key advantages.   First item that will stick out is the handle at the side as opposed on the top.  The side position has the benefit that it works very nice together with a Goodman handle on your light. It allows you to easily use and signal with your light while working with the reel.

The reels (as well as the spools) in our shop are all made from Delrin®.  Delrin® is virtually unbreakable, pretty lightweight compared to metal and it will not bend, reducing the risk for jamming the reel.

The reel has an open housing and is machined with great care, to avoid the line to get stuck.  Reels with line and spool embedded in closed housing have reduced risk of jamming as well.  However, if they do jam, you cannot access the line to get it fixed.







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