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There are an impressive amount of attachment methods available.  Many different ways to connect your secondary regulator, fancy mechanisms to attach your manometer or console, special clips and hooks to fix your light.

We strongly believe in a minimalistic and safe approach in this area as well.  Clips to attach accessories to your harness are important but, if not well selected, can become a source for line entanglement or increase stress during the dive when they stuck.   When selecting a clip, it's important they reduce, by design, the chance of entanglement and work at all times.

We prefer the use of marine-grade stainless steel bolt snaps and double-enders. We use them to attach manometer, reel, spools, light head, stowed primary regulator, etc ... Different sizes are available. Have a look at the selection guides on our product pages to see our recommended sizes for different applications.

(For the secondary regulator, we use a simple bungee necklace.)

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Selection  guide : Different sizes are available.  For boltsnaps, the versions we ..
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Double Enders
Selection  guide : Double enders are typically used with spools,reels, lighthead, wet-n..
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RVS spanband 57-75mm Can be used to attach canister light to belt. ..
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