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Masks, Fins, weighting, a simple manometer, hoses, some basic attachment hardware to fix accessories to your equipment ...  The importance of these essential elements for every day diving is often underestimated.

What can be more annoying besides a bad fitting mask or the straps of your fins breaking right before your dive ?  Hoses that release bubbles or the attachment of your light or secondary regulator coming loose ... Loss of your weightbelt or bad weight distribution, destroying your trim and balance in the water ...

To enjoy your dive at all times, this basic but important part of your gear should be solid and squared away.  It's remarkable how many exotic forms exist for these truly basic items.  All of them trying to solve problems that are basically non-existing if selecting the right equipment from the start.   We prefer a minimalistic and simple approach that brings you great comfort and let you enjoy the dive at all times.

This approach is reflected in the products we sell. As a result, you will not find a lot of different models or versions in our portfolio.  Only a couple of well selected items that we have experience with ourselves.  It's all you need for a safe, solid and comfortable setup to enjoy your everyday diving.



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