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Underwater propulsion vehicles or scooters are not very common in the diving scene nowadays, but yet, they become less of a rarity and can be spotted more and more.


Scooters can be a valuable tool for exploration.  If used with great skill and expertise, they can increase safety for long-range cave diving.  Also for deep wreck or reef exploration, it can add a lot of value.  But aside from these more technical oriented applications, diving a scooter is just a lot of fun and can bring a complete new dimension to your diving.

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We are very pleased to be able to offer you a variety of different scooters.  All the scooters we offer have a lot in common but each type does have specific advantages and might be better suited for specific applications.


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Halcyon Scooter
Ex Tax: 2,233.88€
Suex Xjoy14
  Xjoy 14 Technical Features   Batterie..
Ex Tax: 2,850.00€
Suex Xjoy37
  Includes N-Handle and Proplock-3PP  TECHNICAL FEATURES Code:70730 ..
Ex Tax: 4,200.00€
Suex Xjoy7
  Xjoy 7 Technical Features   Batteries..
Ex Tax: 1,520.00€
Suex XK1
  Most common options :  Bypass :      Bat..
Ex Tax: 5,250.00€
Suex Zeuxo series
Ex Tax: 3,600.00€