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Pockets | Wet-Notes

 Pocket and a notebook you can use underwater are two very useful accessories that can be very valuable for your diving.

Traditionally, accesoires are stored in the pockets of a jacket-style buoyancy compensator or fixed externally to your setup with clips.  While this works for a lot of people, we would recommend separate pockets, glued or stitched on the legs of your dive suit. These pockets are easily accessable and provide plenty of space to stow spools, SMB, backup mask, etc.  This results in a clean and streamlined profile and less risk for entanglement in the water.

We have pockets from AGIR and Halcyon.  The Halcyon pocket has an additional compartment to stow  a notebook.  You can fix the items inside the pocket by means of a bungee and boltsnaps or double-enders.

A notebook is very convenient to communicate more complicated information with your buddy or write down some survey data or deco information.

The Halcyon Notebook cover has two clear pockets to accommodate a compass and tables or other accessories.

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Halcyon Bellowed Pocket
Bellowed Pocket, Velcro closure ..
Ex Tax: 65.29€
Halcyon Diver's Notebook
Halcyon Diver's Notebook with Underwater Paper, Tables Window Pocket etc. ..
Ex Tax: 48.76€
Paper refill
Underwater paper refill for Diver's Wetnotes ..
Ex Tax: 23.97€